Rosedale New Horizons Seniors Club

Located at:
4978 Highway #10


 Who are we?
Rosedale New Horizons Seniors Club was formed October 12th, 1976. We, the club members, represent a group of people (aged 50+) who meet primarily to have "fun". We hold meetings the first and third Wednesdays of each month from January to the first Wednesday of April, 1:30pm, after which we meet at 7:30pm during the summer until the end of December to conduct a short business meeting, plan fundraisers and enjoy fellowship. Besides the regular meetings, New Horizons enjoy bus trips, card parties, variety shows, picnics etc. Presently the Club has about 90 members ranging in age from 50+ to 90+.

What do we do to help our community?
The Club provides the clubroom to the Department of Health to administer flu shots to club and community members. During the Lenten season six soup kitchens are held at the clubroom to support World Poverty. The club members donate items to the local food bank. In 2002 the Vial of Life Program was put into effect for the club and community members. (See below for more on the Vial of Life.)
When called upon, club members participate in the practice evacuation drill at the Rosedale Home for Special Care; we involve the community in as many of our projects as possible such as our smoke free Friday Night Card Parties. They have been very successful and if you haven't attended or aren't a regular- come out and see what you are missing. By being an active member of the club, the club will be good for you and you will be good for the club.

About the Vial of Life Program:
The vial is a container that holds paper with medical information that is easy to read, filled out by the patient. Nova Scotia, in several areas, introduced this new program to inform Emergency Medical personnel with vital and life-saving medical information while dealing with very ill or unconscious patients. Seniors' groups support the program, but it can serve anyone. The vials and forms are available by contacting the Seniors' Secretariat at 1-800-670-0065.

Fund raising:
Fund raising projects are important to the financial well being of the club. All members are asked, to be active, to take his or her turn to help with club projects, although each member may differ in his or her ability to assist. Understandably health and family commitments sometimes prevent members from participating but for the most part, members are asked to provide sandwiches and sweets for club meetings, pies for card parties, to sell tickets on donated items, to work at a craft table, to help work on a quilt, to provide a craft item for the craft cabinet, or make a financial donation by using the provided film canister containers which are collected in May and October, to provide a food item per month for the grocery box in support of the card parties, to contribute to the lunch fund to help offset the cost of condiments, to collect cash register tapes from Sobeys and Save Easy, to provide Penny Auction and Bingo prizes. No one should feel left out or invaluable if they are willing to give of their time. The friendship developed while working on a project can be very rewarding.

The Club is presently selling two-ply grey wool yarn.  Please contact Bill Alexander 644-2217 for more information.

Below are pictures from a trip to Morristown Seniors Group Oct 2011