Welcome to the Virtual Museum Site of the New Germany Area.


You are about to discover many of the stories and treasures held in trust by the community of New Germany.   Select a gateway and journey into our rich and diverse heritage.

New Germany 1905


Early Days

Early Settlers


Anglican Church

Baptist Church

Lutheran Church

Methodist Church

United Church


Flood of 1956

Foster Parent Stories

Garden Parties


The Circus comes to Town


New Germany & Area Businesses

Former Organizations

Present Organizations



New Germany Rural High School 1954 to 1965

New Germany Rural High School after 1965

New Germany Elementary School

North Rosedale School

South Rosedale School

Other Schools in This Area


Morgan’s Falls/ LaHave Pulp Co. Ltd.

New Germany Post Office

Riverside Apartments

Rosedale Home for Special Care

Railroad Station

Telephone Office

War Memorial





Pictures from the Past

Views from New Germany

Property Owners Map


Questions from us to you



We invite you to explore this collection of exhibits and discover the many memories that shape this community.

Please contact  marylwagner@hotmail.com if you have any information to add to this collection. And please check back as more gateways go live.

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