4H in the New Germany Area

This picture was taken in August, 1953, in my father's yard.  My father,
Jacob Penney, was the 4H Club leader from the day the Rosedale Calf Club
started until it ended.  It would have started about 1950.  A child was
supposed to be ten years of age to join but younger ones were allowed in to
get enough members.  The Achievement Day was held on an afternoon in August 
and it was always held in my father's yard.

4H meetings were held once a month, taking turns going to members homes. 
The Assistant Agricultural representative was always at each meeting and he or she was the boss. 
We learned to conduct meetings properly and there was
always a program teaching us some animal facts. 
Most months two members were required to give a speech.  We usually had some games and fun and a
lunch at the end of the meeting.



Barss Corner Dairy Club 1953

In the warmer months, judging classes were held at each meeting.  The
members' fathers would have four or five animals there to be judged.  We had
to judge them and give reasons for our choices.  We got marks on that and
when the judging was done, the standings were announced.  Competition was
strong; everyone did not get a first place like now.

At the Achievement Day, the top three calves were the ones to go to
Bridgewater Exhibition.  Our Calf Club had all Shorthorn calves for some
years and then, when there were more members, there were Hereford classes. 
The calves were judged for quality and for showmanship.  My feet still hurt
from those dear calves standing on my feet!

At the exhibition, we competed against the other calf clubs in the county. 
For some years 4H was only calf club.  Garment clubs were formed later for
the girls.  Those were the only two projects for many years.

from Rosemary Rafuse

 Showmanship Class:  Rosemary Rafuse, the judge and Jacob Penney - 1956


Lester Zinck, Carl DeLong, Peter Burbury, unknown, Ralph Taylor  1953

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