New Germany Health & Wellness Expo

October 25th

New Germany Rural High School Gymnasium  

1:00p.m. - 6:00p.m.

New Germany Area Promotion Society will be hosting/sponsoring a community wellness expo on Thursday Oct 25th. at the New Germany Rural High School gymnasium from 1:00 - 6:00pm. This will be our second Expo.   As we gather registrations and more details, we will make them available on this site. Here is a link to our 2011 Expo.

There are 50 registered booths and 15 presentations. The Expo is full so we are anticipating a great afternoon. Take advantage of this great opportunity!  Admission is FREE and open to everyone.

For additional information, contact

Greg Selig, 644-2153 or

Visit out Facebook Page and get in on the conversation.

Participating Organizations

Presentation Schedule


  • NGAPS      644-3695
  • Laura Beck Patton. RMT       298-0696
  • New Germany Freshmart, owner Francis Faulkenham, 644-3272
  • Illingworth's  Auto Clinic, owner Jody Illingworth,  644-1335
  • Eclipse Physiotherapy  527-2078
  • Robar's Gas and Convenience Ltd.  644-3450
  • New Germany Building Supplies RONA  644-2761
  • Creaser's Dental Services  644-2957
  • Shoppers Drug Mart, New Germany  644-3137
  • Royal Bank, New Germany   
  • Tammy's Country Stop, Springfield     547-2929
  • Charlie's Burger, New Germany   644-2400
  • Lunenburg County Community Health Board

A sponsor has given a minimum donation of $100.00 in value.  We thank everyone who is supporting the Health & Wellness Expo.


Participating Organizations to date

  • NGAPS    &  New Germany Garden Club  Sponsor
  • HB Studios Sports Centre/South Shore Fieldhouse Society
  • Linda Wentzell, CHT, NGH, Consulting Hypnotherapist

  • New Germany Freshmart     Sponsor
  • Employment Solutions Society
  • Eclipse Physiotherapy  Sponsor
  • Shoppers Drug Mart, New Germany   Sponsor
  • Creaser Dental Services    Sponsor
  • Laura Beck Patton. RMT       298-0696    Sponsor
  • Royal Bank, New Germany    Sponsor
  • Linda Pullin
  • Sunrise Squares Dancers
  • Melaleuca
  • Mary Kay
  • RCMP Lunenburg County District
  • Passion for Dogs
  • Lunenburg County Community Health Board
  • Quality, Patient Safety and Risk  - South Shore Health
  • Mental Health and Addictions Services - South Shore Health
  • Lunenburg County Crime Prevention Association
  • Gold Canyon Consultant - Janet Sears
  • Ladies Fitness Kickboxing
  • New Germany Pastoral Charge
  • Bridgewater Chiropractic Services Ltd.
  • Tamara Scissorhand Hair and Beauty Salon


Presentations - New Germany Health and Wellness Expo

  Presenter   Topic
1:00 PM Canadian Red Cross   How The RC Helps in Local Communities
1:20 PM Valley Flax Flour   Using Flax Flour in a Gluten Free Diet
1:40 PM Legacy of Life   Organ and Tissue Donation
2:00 PM Employment Solutions   Employment Solutions
2:20 PM Sexual Health Centre   Healthy Relationships
2:40 PM SS Eye Care   The Importance of Eye Health Exams
3:00 PM Dave Penny   Ladies Fitness Kickboxing
3:20 PM Janet Sears   Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Products, etc.
3:40 PM Harmony Health Centre   Holistic Services @ the Centre
4:00 PM Royal Canadian Legion   Trip to Vimy Ridge
4:20 PM Eclipse Physiotherapy Ltd   Vestibular Rehabilitation
4:40 PM YMCA Lunenburg Co   Intro to the YMCA
5:00 PM Passion for Dogs   Seeing -Eye Dogs
5:20 PM Lunenburg County Health Board   What is the Community Health Board?
5:40 PM Ron Seney/Crime Prevention   Cyber Bullying &/or Senior Safety


Partners with NGAPS and 
Donors of Door Prizes or Cash


What are the determinants of health?

Health Canada  has identified 12 determinants of health:

  1. income and social status 
  2. employment 
  3. education 
  4. social environments 
  5. physical environments 
  6. healthy child development 
  7. personal health practices and coping skills 
  8. health services 
  9. social support networks 
  10. biology and genetic endowment 
  11. gender
  12. culture

We hope to have representatives from each of the above determinants involved in this Expo.

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